Cycling trails

Five marked cycling trails take you through Viškovo and its surroundings, an area of great natural beauty where the modern way of life is intertwined with tradition. Our cycling trails are ideal for anyone looking for outdoor adventure and wanting to explore the hidden corners of Viškovo


The Viškovo Trail is ideal for families and takes you towards Ronjgi, the birthplace of the composer Ivan Matetić Ronjgov. The birth house of this great musician now features a museum and a restaurant on the ground floor offering local specialities. From Ronjgi, the trail leads up to Zorzići, a small village right on Petrolejska Cesta with a šterna water well from 1904. The nearby village of Globići, the birthplace of the writer Berto Lučić, offers a beautiful view of Kvarner. Further uphill, the trail reaches the village of Lučići. A former quarry and a unique open-air exhibition can be found nearby. Just before Skvažići, the trail turns right onto Plešivac forest path, which leads to Biškupi, a village where visitors can experience typical architecture of the area. After exiting the village, the road returns to the centre of Viškovo via Mladenići. 


The Kastav trail leads along the side roads and forest paths away from the centre of Viškovo. This rather demanding trail heads east in the direction of Furićevo, where it turns left and continues slightly uphill through Trtni to Mladenići. After crossing the road, it continues along an old cart track through Mavri to Gornji Sroki, after which it descends to Srokov Kal, turns right and continues in the direction of Kastav. Those who like challenges can turn right in Gornji Turki towards Jelovičani and Lužina Forest. The less demanding route leads straight on from Gornji Turki to the road and then follows a forest path towards Donji Jugi.  In the vicinity of this village lies Kapitovac, an inexhaustible water source that attests to the unbreakable bond between man and nature.


The Studena trail leads in the direction of Saršoni and Petrolejska Cesta, along which we continue to the village of Zorzići. An old cart track leads through Nežnica forest to the main road to Studena. Petrolejska Cesta descends to the village of Marčelji, which is home to two cultural assets inscribed on  the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage: the pageant of the Halubajski zvončari bell ringers, whose roots are here in Marčelji, and two-part singing, which was first notated by Ivan Matetić of the village of Ronjgi. From Marčelji, we turn towards Kosi and reach the centre of Viškovo after passing the villages of Jardasi, Dovičići and Široli.


The Source of the River Rječina trail starts in the centre of Viškovo and continues via Mladenići in the direction of Saršoni and Lučići. After a short climb, it reaches Lončeva Griža pass, and then a serpentine road descends to Trnovica. After crossing the River Rječina and turning towards Kukuljani, we follow the river upstream to its source. From there, we return to Lončeva Griža pass and further down to Saršoni, and continue along Petrolejska Cesta to Garići where we can see centuries-old houses, preserved examples of traditional architecture. The most prominent among them is ‘Cenetina Kuća’, a protected monument of culture. After that, the route descends through Marčelji to the centre of Viškovo.


The Breza trail leads towards Saršoni and Ronjgi to the village of Zorzići and Petrolejska Cesta, where it continues in the direction of Klana. At Pogled, the trail turns onto a forest path and continues to Breza. On your way, you’ll encounter interesting remnants of fortifications from the period of the Italian occupation, since in the past this was the border between the Kingdom of Italy and the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. The road above Breza leads to the centre. Past the cemetery and old Italian military barracks, we reach a crossroads where we turn left and continue along a forest trail to Jardasi. The route reaches the village of Široli via Dovičići and returns to the centre of Viškovo along a byway.

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