Entering Croatia

Objavljeno: 13/05/2022

Entry into the Republic of Croatia is allowed to all passengers under the same conditions of entry valid prior the COVID-19 epidemic.

Useful information

List of locations across Kvarner region where tests on COVID-19 are performed:

Wearing a protective face mask is mandatory in only to the health care system and social welfare institutions (employees and patients).

It is recommended to wear medical masks or face masks in the following situations:

  • when is not possible to maintain a distance of at least 2 meters indoors.
  • at indoor events and public gatherings;
  • at indoor sports competitions;
  • at indoor religious ceremonies and gatherings;
  • in shops, hospitality and catering facilities/services (both guests and employees);- in companies, establishments and institutions which are working with clients and / or visitors (clients, visitors and employees).

Additional health and safety measures:

• Respect overall safety and hygiene measures.
• Hands wash as often as possible with warm water and soap and/or use a hand disinfectant that needs to be rubbed in the palms. Avoid touching the face, mouth, nose and eyes.
• Credit card or online payments (non-cash payments) are recommended.
• In case of symptoms of acute respiratory infection (cough, sore throat, fever, short breathing/difficulty or loss of smell), it is necessary to stay at home/in accommodation and contact a doctor in a tourist or COVID-19 infirmary or a territorially responsible epidemiologist (Tourist Medical Services and Pharmacies)
• In case of sudden onset of severe, life-threatening symptoms, contact emergency medical service at +385 194.

More information for all travelers traveling from Croatia to other countries:

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