PRC Testing on COVID-19 on personal request at Microbiological Department of the Teaching Institute of Public Health in Rijeka, Croatia

Objavljeno: 17/08/2020

Persons who wish to make a PCR test on COVID-19 from nasal oro/pharyngeal swab could send a e-mail to: or Call center +385 51 554 802.

The cost of testing is 698,21 HRK and should be paid in advance.

Payment instructions: Order form with required information should be sent by e-mail to the above address ( ) , and in the return the offer with payment details will be received. Upon the receipt of proof of payment, and filled form for delivering the result by e-mail, a term for testing will be booked.

Taking swabs and testing are carried out exclusively upon the received order. It is possible to place an order every day from 7 AM to 9 PM, and from 7AM to 3PM on Saturdays.

Taking swabs are carried every day and Saturdays at the parking lot of the Teaching Institute of Public Health, Krešimirova 52a. 51000 Rijeka.

The results, in Croatian and English, will be ready next working day and sent to e-mail address or can be delivered at the window from the Microbiological department, at the ground floor of the Institute building.

Order form

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