Map of Viškovo

The map of the Municipality of Viškovo highlights the center of Viškovo and the locations of Ronjgi and Marinići, and abounds in photographs and accompanying texts that highlight interesting content.

Viškovo- the echoes of tradition

Experience Viškovo, a place where tradition lives on!

A story that connects

Gastro guide

The taste of tradition – savour the irresistible culinary blend of our region!


Viškovo and its neighbouring villages are surrounded by a gentle landscape that invites you to discover traces of the past. Let our hiking and cycling trails take you to oases of peace and beautiful views.

Discover Viškovo using HALUbike!

Halubajski zvončari – Halubje Bell Ringers

Walking and cycling trails

Five marked cycling trails take you through Viškovo and its surroundings, an area of great natural beauty where the modern way of life is intertwined with tradition. Our cycling trails are ideal for anyone looking for outdoor adventure and wanting to explore the hidden corners of Viškovo.

Our walking trails invite you to experience relaxing walks through forested landscapes, relaxation, recreation and pure enjoyment of the fresh outdoor air.

Rijeka and surroundings

The surroundings of Viškovo are a small but diverse environment, rich in preserved nature, historical and cultural diversity. This unique and hospitable region, where layered history, tradition and dynamic everyday life meet, has a lot to offer.

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