Kastav trail

The Kastav trail leads along the side roads and forest paths away from the centre of Viškovo. This rather demanding trail heads east in the direction of Furićevo, where it turns left and continues slightly uphill through Trtni to Mladenići. After crossing the road, it continues along an old cart track through Mavri to Gornji Sroki, after which it descends to Srokov Kal, turns right and continues in the direction of Kastav. Those who like challenges can turn right in Gornji Turki towards Jelovičani and Lužina Forest. The less demanding route leads straight on from Gornji Turki to the road and then follows a forest path towards Donji Jugi.  In the vicinity of this village lies Kapitovac, an inexhaustible water source that attests to the unbreakable bond between man and nature.

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