Milohni walking trail

This circular hiking trail, which passes numerous karst gardens and dolines, requires an hour of easy walking and is ideal for an afternoon walk. From the village of Milohni, the trail leads through a forest in the direction of Kastav. After a resting spot, turning left gives you two options. The right path leads to Šporova Jama and the town of Kastav, and the one on the left to Bezjaki and some beautiful views of Kvaner. The latter also offers two possibilities. An easier ascent leads to the crossroads – back to Milohni to the left, or further on in the same direction to Bezjaki. From Bezjaki, the route also leads to Srdoči and Zamet.

The Milohni walking trail also leads to Kapitovac pond, located in a deep sinkhole next to the village of Milohni. The access path bordered by dry stone walls leads to a deep sinkhole, and a steep trail goes down to a walled pond overgrown with deciduous trees. By choosing any of these directions, you will get to explore some lesser-known parts of the Kastav area.

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