Plešivac walking trail

The Plešivac walking trail is suitable for all ages. Its gentle ascents are ideal for recreation and enjoying forest landscapes. This 8.6 km trail connects the villages of Marčelji and Tibljaši, and its highest peak, Plešivac (plešiv means hairless), lies at an altitude of 429 m.  This walking trail is connected to a cycling trail that leads to Ronjgi and the birth house of Ivan Matetić Ronjgov, which today serves as a cultural institution and memorial house.

Starting from the Old School Marčelji towards the village of Biškupi and a resting spot area, the paths begin to fork. The branches lead to Mladenići, Petrci and Tibljaši. One branch leads to Kablari at Drenova. From Tibljaši, you can join the Rijeka trail Drenova-Pehlin and head towards Rijeka.

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