Source of the River Rječina trail

The Source of the River Rječina trail starts in the centre of Viškovo and continues via Mladenići in the direction of Saršoni and Lučići. After a short climb, it reaches Lončeva Griža pass, and then a serpentine road descends to Trnovica. After crossing the River Rječina and turning towards Kukuljani, we follow the river upstream to its source. From there, we return to Lončeva Griža pass and further down to Saršoni, and continue along Petrolejska Cesta to Garići where we can see centuries-old houses, preserved examples of traditional architecture. The most prominent among them is ‘Cenetina Kuća’, a protected monument of culture. After that, the route descends through Marčelji to the centre of Viškovo.

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