Viškovo Trail

The Viškovo Trail is ideal for families and takes you towards Ronjgi, the birthplace of the composer Ivan Matetić Ronjgov. The birth house of this great musician now features a museum and a restaurant on the ground floor offering local specialities. From Ronjgi, the trail leads up to Zorzići, a small village right on Petrolejska Cesta with a šterna water well from 1904. The nearby village of Globići, the birthplace of the writer Berto Lučić, offers a beautiful view of Kvarner. Further uphill, the trail reaches the village of Lučići, which lies close to the remnants of an Illyrian fort at Lončeva Griža. A former quarry and a unique open-air exhibition can be found nearby. Just before Skvažići, the trail turns right onto Plešivac forest path, which leads to Biškupi, a village where visitors can experience typical architecture of the area. After exiting the village, the road returns to the centre of Viškovo via Mladenići. 

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