Apartment Terra 5 Deluxe

Apartment Terra 5 Deluxe is located on the ground floor of a residential building in a quiet part of Marinići – Municipality of Viškovo, 6 km from the center of Rijeka, 13 km from Opatija and 6 km from Kastav. Possibility to accommodate up to four people (2+2). Free fiber optic internet with Wi-Fi, WIND-FREE air conditioning and two parking spaces. Apartment Terra 5 Deluxe is extremely attractive to business travelers. It is located next to the Rijeka bypass (3km exit node Škurinje) and all business facilities are within easy reach, such as those in Viškovo, Kastav (Žegoti zone) and in the Kukuljanovo zone, as well as cities such as Rijeka and Opatija. Apartment guarantee peace and a pleasant sleep away from the summer bustle, while the hustle and bustle of  Rijeka, the charm of  Opatija  and  Kastav, the sea and  beautiful beaches remain close at hand.

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