Halubje Carnival

Traditional customs that evoke the need for the triumph of spring over winter and of good over evil are reflected in the Carnival period. In modern times, this period has been additionally enriched with sports and entertainment activities, which are now part of Halubje Carnival.

Every year on the first Saturday after St. Anthony’s Day (17 January), the colourful and cheerful Halubje Carnival fills Viškovo with life.

The streets become filled with cheerful and creative masks of the young and old, as well as with traditional costumes that evoke the spirit of times gone by. Singing, dancing and the thundering ringing of bell-ringer groups can be experienced all over town. The end of the procession is traditionally reserved for the hosts, the famous Halubajski zvončari bell ringers.

On this unforgettable Saturday, Viškovo becomes a gathering place of carnival groups and associations from Croatia and abroad, inviting you to participate in this costume party until the early morning hours!

To experience a part of the carnival atmosphere, visit our photo gallery

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