St. Matthew’s Church

St. Matthew’s Church dominates the centre of Viškovo. In the past, a chapel facing the sea with one altar existed on the hill of Viškov Breg (called Breg today). Its date of construction remains unknown, and in 1862, the present-day Church of St. Matthew was built in its place. In 1902, the front façade of the church was adorned with the blessed statues of Saints Peter and Paul.  The main altar was made by a local stonemason, Mate Širola.

St. Matthew worked in a customs house and is today considered the patron saint of bankers, accountants and tax collectors. He was also one of the four Evangelists, and the author of the first of the four gospels – books in which the work and teachings of Jesus Christ were recorded and in which his divinity is emphasised. The Gospel according to Matthew is the most comprehensive and accessible of the gospels.

The feast day of St. Matthew is 21 September. St. Matthew’s Church in Viškovo celebrated the 150th anniversary of its consecration in 2015.

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