Walking trails

The area’s well-tended walking trails invite couples, groups of friends and pet owners on pleasant strolls through varied forest landscapes. Whether you need a break, recreation or just some fresh air, you’ll enjoy the beautiful landscape and have a chance to spot a deer or hawk. The dry stone walls, known locally as gromača, are particularly interesting. They stretch along the paths, support the old terraced gardens, and surround the small kalići ponds that were once used for watering animals.

Milohni walking trail 

This circular hiking trail, which passes numerous karst gardens and dolines, requires an hour of easy walking and is ideal for an afternoon walk. From the village of Milohni, the trail leads through a forest in the direction of Kastav. After a resting spot, turning left gives you two options. The right path leads to Šporova Jama and the town of Kastav, and the one on the left to Bezjaki and some beautiful views of Kvaner. The latter also offers two possibilities. An easier ascent leads to the crossroads – back to Milohni to the left, or further on in the same direction to Bezjaki. From Bezjaki, the route also leads to Srdoči and Zamet.

The Milohni walking trail also leads to Kapitovac pond, located in a deep sinkhole next to the village of Milohni. The access path bordered by dry stone walls leads to a deep sinkhole, and a steep trail goes down to a walled pond overgrown with deciduous trees. By choosing any of these directions, you will get to explore some lesser-known parts of the Kastav area.

Plešivac walking trail

The Plešivac walking trail is suitable for all ages. Its gentle ascents are ideal for recreation and enjoying forest landscapes. This 8.6 km trail connects the villages of Marčelji and Tibljaši, and its highest peak, Plešivac (plešiv means hairless), lies at an altitude of 429 m.  This walking trail is connected to a cycling trail that leads to Ronjgi and the birth house of Ivan Matetić Ronjgov, which today serves as a cultural institution and memorial house.

Starting from the Old School Marčelji towards the village of Biškupi and a resting spot area, the paths begin to fork. The branches lead to Mladenići, Petrci and Tibljaši. One branch leads to Kablari at Drenova. From Tibljaši, you can join the Rijeka trail Drenova-Pehlin and head towards Rijeka.

Lončeva Griža walking trail 

This 15 km walking trail is more demanding and offers wonderful views of Kvarner Bay, the mountains of Gorski Kotar, and the Kastav and Grobnik areas, especially from the limestone cliffs at the peak of Lončeva Griža, 506 m above sea level (griža means a pile of rocks). This vantage point also features interpretation boards in Chakavian, Croatian and English languages with information on the former quarry at Lončeva Griža, where boulders were extracted in the past. A smaller quarry located above the village of Skvažići was used for the needs of the village and its surrounding areas. An exhibition of old stone carving and cutting tools on the rock of the old quarry provides information on the customs of the Halubje area.

The Putić od miće i vele sopele trail

The ‘Putić od Miće i Vele Sopele’ trail provides not only walking and recreational opportunities, but also acquaints visitors with one of the most significant people of the Halubje and Kastav areas – the composer, ethnomusicologist and music teacher Ivan Matetić Ronjgov.  Part of the trail takes you to a small resting spot shaped by dry stone walls, a typical architectural element locally known as gromača. After about 350 m, you will reach a vantage point offering a view of unspoilt nature and the historical town of Kastav. In every season, the barren karst soil welcomes you into a wooded area overgrown mostly with hornbeams, oaks and low vegetation.

If you find yourself in Viškovo in April, you can take part in the guided walking tours under the title ‘Priprema, pozor, sad!’ (Ready, steady, go!) and get to know our area together with the guides of Viškovo Hiking Club and other nature lovers. In autumn, join us for a walk along the trails of the Halubajski zvončari bell ringers called ‘Prošeći se z manun… po zvončarskeh puteh’.

Enjoy strolls in unspoilt nature, combine relaxation and recreation, and discover Viškovo in a different way.

If you want some delicious and simple refreshment, visit our pizzerias and bistros. Pizza and pasta chefs await you in the Podroom and JEANS pizzerias. For a good barbecue or hearty brunch, visit the Staročeško, Mario, or Oštarija Trampov Breg bistros.

You can download the map of Viškovo at the following link:

Map of Viškovo

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