The arrival of spring and nice weather provides a great opportunity to enjoy recreational activities in nature and explore the scenic beauties of Viškovo. An ideal way to do so is by bike. As of 15 March 2019, you can use the HALUbike public bicycle rental system in the area of the Municipality of Viškovo.

At the HALUbike terminal at Milihovo parking site, there are 6 mountain and 6 electric bikes that can be rented in two ways. The first way is to sign a bicycle rental agreement for a period of one month at the Viškovo Tourist Board office. Upon signing the bicycle rental agreement, the user receives an RFID card that must be returned to the Viškovo Tourist Board after the expiry of the contract period. Together with the contract, the user is issued with a receipt to the amount of 80.00 or 120.00 kn depending on whether a regular or electric bicycle is being rented. When paying, the user is also required to pay a security deposit to the amount of 300.00 kn for bicycle insurance, which is visible on the receipt. The security deposit is refunded at the end of the monthly rental period.

The second way is suitable for one-day visitors. In this case, the user registers directly at a HALUbike terminal with a QR code to purchase a daily ticket. Using a mobile app, the user scans the QR code on the dock, depending on the type of bicycle. After entering their personal data and bank card details, the user receives a code that must be entered on the dock in order to start using the bicycle.

In both cases (bicycle rental agreement or QR code), the bicycle can be used from 06:00 until 21:00 within the administrative borders of the Municipality of Viškovo. During this period, the user must register the bicycle at a terminal at least once every 180 minutes. The HALUbike public bicycle rental system is designed in such a way as to be accessible and easy to use with all the necessary information and instructions displayed on the terminal.