Viškovo and its neighbouring villages are surrounded by a gentle landscape that invites you to discover traces of the past. Let our hiking and cycling trails take you to oases of peace and beautiful views. Discover Viškovo using HALUbike!

The HALUbike public bicycle rental system in the Municipality of Viškovo is
available at two bike-sharing stations. In the centre of Viškovo in the Milihovo parking area, there is a station with 6 regular and 6 electric bikes. In Ronjgi, in the immediate vicinity of the network of hiking and cycling trails and the Ivan Matetić Ronjgov Cultural Institution, there is a station with 4 regular and 4 electric bikes.

Bicycles can be rented simply and directly at the stations. By scanning the QR code on the dock, the user logs into the GO2BIKE application. After accepting the general terms and conditions, the user enters the data and the required amount is then transferred to the prepaid account via credit card and the WSPay secure authorisation and payment system. After selecting the desired bicycle and scanning its QR code, an audio signal informs the user that the bicycle has been unlocked and that it is ready for use. At the end of the ride, the bike must be returned to the slot correctly, after which an amount is automatically deducted from the user’s prepaid account according to the time of use and the valid price list.

The billing unit used to determine the duration of the bicycle rental is 1 minute and the rental is charged according to the exact time of use.
Bicycles can be used from 6:00 to 21:00 within the administrative boundaries of the Municipality of Viškovo.

The HALUbike public bicycle rental system is designed in such a way as to be accessible and easy to use with all the necessary information and instructions displayed on the terminal. Additional information is available on the HALUbike website at www.halubike.hr .

Cycling trails map

Map of Viškovo

HALUbike Flyer

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