Open-air gallery and viewpoint

Lončeva Griža is a viewpoint located in Lučići at an altitude of 506 m that offers wonderful views of Kvarner Bay, Grobnik Field, Gorski Kotar, Velebit and neighbouring Slovenia. The word ‘griža’ means a pile of rocks and stones. From the top of this pile, under which is an old quarry, one can enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding area: the ‘Grobnik Alps’ to the north and then, moving right, to the mountains of Gorski Kotar and Velebit, Kvarner Bay with its islands and the Vela Vrata channel, Mount Učka, and finally Slovenia in the distance.  On the north side of the ridge is a narrow valley with scattered villages and the winding River Rječina. Looking right towards the south-east, there is the old town of Grobnik with its castle at the top of the hill.

There used to be a quarry nearby, which is explained to visitors on the interpretation boards along the educational trail. Thanks to research by Damir Petrc, the rocks beneath the vantage point feature an exhibition of old stone carving and cutting tools, which gives visitors the opportunity to learn more about this subject at its original site.

The same rocks also feature an open-air exhibition of artwork by members of the Braća Baštjan Amateur Artists Association inspired by the traditional motifs of the Viškovo area.

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