The narrow streets and squares you walk on are layers of history that just as convincingly write this moment, too. Bakar, 13 kilometres from Rijeka, is one of the oldest towns in the northern Adriatic and was granted the status of royal town by Maria Theresa in 1779. It was built as an amphitheatre on a hill and its historical nucleus was declared a cultural monument in 1968. Few know that the very peak of Risnjak and part of Risnjak National Park, a true pleasure for all nature, recreation and adrenaline lovers, are located within the territory of the town of Bakar

A long history has left many marks intertwined with the present. Take a tour of Bakar Castle, the Hreljin Fort, St. Andrew’s Church and its catacombs, and the Roman and Turkish House and many other cultural and historical attractions. Bakar and Hreljin are also signatories of the Vinodol Law, the oldest fully preserved monument to custom law in the Croatian language dating from the 13th century.  

You will remember Bakar by its flavors as well – the famous sparkling wine “Bakarska vodica” made from a specific Beline vine grown on stone walls built by diligent farmer’s hands – dry stone walls, recently declared an ethno zone and entered in the cultural register.  Another famous product is the Bakar “baškot”, a toasted or fresh baked product shaped in a circle that was taken on longer fishing trips. 

Address: Turistička zajednica Grada Bakra, Primorje 39, 51222 Bakar 
Phone: +385 51 761 111

Izvor fotografija: Turististička zajednica Grada Bakar

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