Only 8 kilometres from Rijeka, in its hinterland, is Čavle. The view is admirable when you take the historic Lujzijana (Louisiana) road and arrive at the Buzdohanj plateau, from which you can see the Grobnik Alpes – sometimes grey, other times green or blue, or (possibly the favourite of the citizens of Rijeka and their guests) snow white. It is an invitation to the slopes of Platak, Rijeka’s excursion site throughout the year, and a winter ski resort unique for skiing with sea view.

Due to the specific relief and geological structure and the differing vegetation, you will encounter Mediterranean plants and those typical of higher areas, such as linden and elderberry.

This is also an area of rich history. Walk through the Grobnik Field and you will find the remnants of the Roman limes. Many armies have passed through this area throughout history and many battles have been won, the most famous of which was with the Tartars in 1242. A legend says that it was here, as a memory of the battle with the Turks in the 16th century, where the distinctive Rijeka jewellery with the Moretto (“morčić”, a black man with a turban) was created. Maybe a “morčić” – in the form of earrings, pendant or bracelet – will be your souvenir from the Rijeka area as well.

Above Grobnik Field is where the town of Grobnik is located, a town of stone – a signatory of the oldest Vinodol Law, one of the oldest legal documents written in the Croatian language dating from 1288. The church of St. Philip and James that has been standing here for 900 years, also testifies about the rich history and early Christianity. The only museum of contemporary art in the Rijeka area is also located in Grobnik.

The Automotodrom Grobnik, the meeting point of bikers from all over Europe, is also nearby, as well as a small airport – both a “rendezvous place” for all lovers of fast driving, competitive spirit and adrenaline.

Address: Turistička zajednica Općine Čavle, Čavle 104, 51218 Čavle 
Phone: +385 51 549 120 
Website: www.tz-cavle.hr    
E-mail: info@tz-cavle.hr
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