Klana, 18 kilometres from Rijeka, provides an even more intense tourist gift. Recreational walkers, hikers and cyclists will find arranged and marked biking and walking trails which, together with the historical attractions they will find there, make Klana an interesting and important link in the Rijeka Ring. It is a place of beautiful nature and valuable historical monuments, so cyclists or walkers will have the opportunity to see interesting sites of this area of dynamic history, connecting the love of nature and of historical values. One of the sites is the Gradina archaeological site, located directly above Klana. Also interesting to visitors are the fortresses and walls of the Liburnian limes, built in the 3rd and 4th centuries, then a historical collection of old weapons, an ethnological collection… Those who enter the Stara Rebar woods while taking a tour of the area will gladly stop and take a break in the renovated, several centuries old road house built on the model of the Istrian “kažun”, a specific construction prevailing in Istria. 

This is also an area with a great number of small, romantic churches, of which we will mention the Our Lady of Lourdes Chapel built on the site of an apparition of Our Lady, where every year on 15th August, a procession passes through and mass is served. To put it simply, history and the present, spirituality and the dynamics of life meld here into one and create harmony.

Address: Općina Klana, Klana 33, 51217 Klana 
Phone: +385 51 808 205 
Website: www.klana.hr     
E-mail: –  
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