Kostrena, nine kilometres from Rijeka, is a destination any city with the pretension of being a Mediterranean should have. Only Rijeka has it. The peninsula of Kostrena is 10 kilometres long and has beautiful beaches along its entire length, a real magnet for swimmers. 

A characteristic karst area with Mediterranean plants and the famous stone walls (“gromače”) of Kostrena, as well as a mild climate that sometimes gives in to strong gusts of bora wind, are features of this region.

Kostrena has always lived the rhythm of the sea, which has marked the life of its inhabitants, seamen, who have sailed many seas of the world. Numerous captains originate from this area, some of which history remembers well, including Captain Pavle Randić who was the first to pass through the Suez Canal when it opened. Erazmo Bernard Tićac took part as chief designer in the creation of the first nuclear-powered merchant ship, the «Savannah». Kuzma Franelić also made his contribution to the glory and courage of the local seamen by participating in the rescue of passengers after the shipwreck of the Titanic. Many esteemed shipbuilders and ship owners also originate from here.

However, let’s leave history behind… the present of Kostrena is marked by tourism, swimmers and walkers who find beautiful beaches and one of the most beautiful seafront promenades, while divers will be attracted by the diversity of undersea relief.

Address: Turistička zajednica Općine Kostrena, Kostrenskih boraca 1A, 51000 Kostrena 
Phone: +385 51 289 207 
Website: www.tzo-kostrena.hr     
E-mail: info@tzo-kostrena.hr
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