Kraljevica is an old small town in Primorje, located at the entrance to the Bakar Bay, around twenty kilometres south of Rijeka. It has an indented coastline with green and lush vegetation, so it is famous for its beaches and its beautiful promenade. During the summer, the two medieval castles and a church that are the legacy of the Croatian noble Zrinski and Frankopan families, are a venue for cultural and entertainment events and, together with the surrounding area, are a tourist destination for those who want a vacation, to swim, dive and, of course, to have fun and enjoy the cultural offer.     

Kraljevica was mentioned in the 13th century as the place where, under the onslaught of Mongols in 1242, the Hungarian King Bela IV took refuge, and it is known as the Austrian naval war base and the oldest shipyard on the Adriatic. The Sanctuary of St. Nicholas attracts religious people, especially seafarers who participate ever year in the maritime pilgrimage. Thanks to its geographic position, natural beauty and healthy climate, Kraljevica is one of the first health tourism centres from the end of last century, to which the touristic development of Kraljevica is related. It was on the Oštro peninsula where one of the first bathing resorts in Primorje was built, receiving prizes in 1894 in Vienna and 1896 in Budapest. 

Among other things, the benefits of climate are an important reason for the tradition in health tourism, so in a description from the very beginning of the 20th century, the sea, air, sun and sand baths were mentioned and the influence of bora wind on health was highlighted.   

Address: Turistička zajednica Grada Kraljevice, Rovina bb, 51262 Kraljevica 
Phone: +385 51 282 078 
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