Walking trails

The area’s well-tended walking trails invite couples, groups of friends and pet owners on pleasant strolls through varied forest landscapes. Whether you need a break, recreation or just some fresh air, you’ll enjoy the beautiful landscape and have a chance to spot a deer or hawk. The dry stone walls, known locally as gromača, are particularly interesting. They stretch along the paths, support the old terraced gardens, and surround the small kalići ponds that were once used for watering animals.

Milohni walking trail 

Milohni trail leads through the forest to the Kapitovac kalić. This route features benches to sit on and boards with information about the local flora and fauna.

Plešivac walking trail

 Plešivac trail is 8.6 km long and suitable for all ages. It provides peaceful surroundings ideal for recreational activities and enjoying the forest landscape, and offers occasional views of Kvarner Bay. This gently ascending trail connects the villages of Marčelji and Tibljaši. Its highest peak, Plešivac, lies at an altitude of 429 m (the name comes from the word plešiv, which means hairless).

Lončeva Griža walking trail 

Lončeva griža walking trail is more challenging. It stretches over 15 kilometres and offers wonderful views of Kvarner Bay, the mountains of Gorski Kotar, and the Kastav and Grobnik areas, especially from the limestone cliffs on the peak of Lončeva Griža at an altitude of 506 m (griža means a pile of rocks).

The Putić od miće i vele sopele trail

The Putić od miće i vele sopele trail evokes ancient melodies that have been preserved thanks to the efforts of Ivan Matetić Ronjgov, a musicologist whose birth house is located in the immediate vicinity. He once walked on this trail, listened to the songs of the local people as they worked in the fields, and transcribed what he heard into notes.